5 Tiny Manufactured Homes You Can Buy On Amazon For Under $40k

– Today we’re gonna be looking at five tiny manufactured homes on Amazon. And as a bonus, we’re gonna be taking a look at this one right here. So get your Internet-ready ’cause it’s time to do a little Prime shopping. Let’s get started. (soft electronic music) Before we jump online, did you know that tiny houses started in the mid-’80s, but they didn’t grow in popularity until the millennium, and of course, then it became quite a craze? But most of the reason that most people like tiny homes are because of the price. Just like this one on Amazon. Okay, so this is going to be one of our tiniest tiny homes that we look at. It’s called the Allwood Escape Cabin and it’s $5,350 of course with free shipping. And it’s only 113 square feet. Remember, these do not have installation. And the weight of this the cabin is 2,300 

pounds. Let’s take a look on the inside which is adorable ’cause I love this natural wood look. They have some nice pictures of the inside that are provided by other people that have gotten them off of Airbnb. But it is a very, very tiny cabin. I can’t imagine spending a long period living in one of these. I know lots of people do it, but not as many as people probably really think. Here’s a full floor the plan that they give you of this particular tiny home. So, the next tiny home we’re looking at is probably the most modern-looking of all of them that we’re gonna be looking at today. This one they’re calling a Studio Garden House. So let’s take a look at it. It’s $9,990 and of course, it has free shipping. The description of this particular home says, it’s an ideal home office, it’s a contemporary urban styling. Large windows allow the abundance of natural light, suitable for environments where the classic cabin style does not fit. It has two ratings, so let’s go ahead and click on those. It said it was a great value. “I would change things up a bit for bath and “small kitchen for guests and possibly stretch ceiling “to eight feet.” Oops, this one’s a bad review. “I sold my 300K house just to try out something new “and this wasn’t worth it. “Now I need to buy my own house.” Why would you sell a $300,000 house to live in a tiny house that doesn’t have installation? That wasn’t proper prior planning. And it’s 200 square feet. Who helped them to make the decision? Okay, anyway, let’s move one. (laughs) All right, here’s an interesting question that somebody asked, “Are they hurricane proof?” Meaning, are the kits hurricane proof. I don’t even know of a hurricane-proof house, but here’s how they answered it. “While these structures are resistant to wind speeds, “technically they do not meet the latest coastal Florida “wind and hurricane codes.” So, that’s something to know if you live on the Florida coastline, that it does not meet the hurricane codes. The roof pitch is two degrees and it supposedly is easy to assemble. And if you’re anything like me and if you’ve ever been to IKEA, nothing is easy to assemble. (laughs) Another main reason why people decide on tiny homes is they want to downsize their stuff. – That’s all your house is, your house is just a place for your stuff. If you didn’t have so much goddamn stuff, you wouldn’t need a house. (audience laughing) you could just walk around all the time. That’s all your house is a pile of stuff with a cover on it. It seems that we all have a little bit too much stuff. So maybe this tiny home on Amazon might work for you and less stuff. Okay, the next one we’re gonna be looking at is one that is under 40,000 but it doesn’t have the free shipping. But it’s still on Amazon. It’s called the Jackson Tiny Home. This house is a four-bedroom tiny home. So it’s 275 square feet with a 119 square feet for the front porch. The weight of it is 6,693 pounds, and that makes the shipping cost for this $3,350 which is pretty high. But of course, that keeps it under the $40,000, but if you’re expecting free shipping, not on this one. But I wanted to show it because it was super cute. Let me show you the floor plan real quick. But it does have four full rooms and I did like the fact that it had a little porch. That would be cute for someone that’s looking for that tiny home lifestyle. This is the loft, this is where people sleep. Did you know that there are an estimated 10,000 tiny homes throughout the United States? I thought that the number was going to be higher. But year after year there are about 700 tiny homes that are built by commercial builders. And there’s another 700 that are built by private residents that are trying to build them themselves. I thought it was an interesting fact. If you’re thinking about building one yourself you might be interested in this one on Amazon. This is how much room it gives me. The next tiny manufactured home we’re gonna be looking at on Amazon is a little bit pricier than the couple of the other ones that we’ve looked at. It’s called the Allwood Avalon Cabin Kit and it’s 540 square feet. It does have four ratings, which gives it four and a half stars. It doesn’t have a floor plan here, it does seem that you could live in this space a lot easier than you can in some of these smaller tiny homes that we looked at. Here’s a full blueprint of the house, it does look nice and big. Each of the bedrooms looks like it has about 120 square feet. The living square footage in the living room area is about 215 square feet. The kitchen is about 45 square feet. The bathroom’s 40 square feet. And then the front porch they’re giving you about 176 square feet. This home does have a loft to it. They say you can put two beds in there, but I don’t know about you, I hope you don’t wanna be around people that snore. ‘Cause I certainly don’t and I can’t imagine sharing a room, a tiny room with another two people. Unless it’s my kids, I can handle that. When they snore, they’re cute. It’s nice that they provide some extra pictures that are not just cartoon pictures, drawing pictures. And it is adorable. I love the high ceilings on this. This is something I could live in for a long period. I don’t know if I could live my whole life in one of those things, but definitely, this feels much more like a home than a cramped space that you can only spend a few hours in. I think I’m just too claustrophobic. But that bathroom’s adorable. Please note, ’cause I’ve read some of these questions, the shower, and the plumbing, and the electrical doesn’t come with this house. But it does come with free shipping. Still, all these houses come with free shipping except for a couple. So, that the Allwood Avalon Cabin Kit, 540 square feet. You know, I’m thinking this particular tiny home would make a perfect YouTube studio for myself. I bet you’re wondering how much this particular one is. We’re gonna find out in just a little bit, ’cause we have two more tiny homes from Amazon to look at. Like this one. All right, the next one we’re gonna be looking at is the Allwood Timberline. This house is 483 square feet and it’s considered a cabin kit. It’s $34,900 but it does include free shipping. I know I keep telling you that, but it is something to know. The inside floor area is 354 square feet, aloft is 129 square feet. It does have a snow load capacity which is something we don’t have to worry about here in Louisiana, but if you are worried about it, it says 40 pounds. The wind load capacity is up to 120 miles per hour, and you can add factory protection against termites, which is something that we have a major problem here in Louisiana. They say there’re two types of homes in Louisiana, ones that have termites and ones that are gonna get them. That’s what downstairs would look like and this is what the upstairs with a loft in it looks like you can fit two regular twin beds. Here’s a full blueprint. This is the part I found interesting. “This model comes with steel storm rods for “all four corners. “The rods hold planks of each wall tightly together. “This can also be anchored to the ground.” So, that’s good for people that are thinking about keeping these intact. All of these tiny homes that we’re looking at today are not ones that can be rolled down the road. They are ones that intended to stay in place. Ooh, one of the other main reasons why people decide to live in a tiny home is because they’re wanting to leave a smaller carbon footprint. And they’re wanting to live off the grid. So let’s go take a look at this particular house on Amazon and see if we can put some solar panels on the roof. So I think this particular the tiny home will be perfect because of the slope of the roof and it’ll be perfect for solar panels. This house is listed, not even listed… See, I’m talking like a real estate agent. This house is for sale, not even for sale. This is how much it costs, $19,990 and it’s 259 square feet. It’s called the Allwood Ranger Cabin Kit. And the main area is 259 square feet. It’s milled from slow grown Nordic spruce. The roof area is 451 square feet and it says, oh look, it even says, ideal for solar panels. Just like I thought. And it says that they’re gonna need about 45 days. So I want you to look at the amount of time that it takes them to ship it. So if we were to order this today, according to Amazon, it would come in on January 13the through the 29th. So, you probably have like two months so if you decided to do this now it’s gonna be a project for the future, don’t expect it to show up at your door the next day as most Amazon orders do. This one takes a little extra time. This part cracks me up. They have this little rendering here, and I wanna know where they found this weird looking family. Like the woman looks like she’s wearing a slip, the woman they drew on there. This is the weirdest rendering I’ve ever seen. So this is an inside floor plan of the Allwood Ranger, it’s 259 square feet on one side, the loft is 168 square feet. So that gives enough space to put in a, maybe even, a double bed, if it’s pretty tight. This model does have that tongue and groove with the steel rods that give it that extra security to hold onto the ground. These are all the things that it comes within the assembly, I hope it comes with really awesome instructions. And again it has these pictures that show you how you can go ahead and has the hose plumbed? Okay, so that’s the Allwood Ranger Cabin that’s 255 square feet on Amazon. It’s also perfect for solar panels and you can have it delivered to your house in about a couple of months for you to put together by yourself. Remember, it doesn’t come assembled. Okay, so that’s all five tiny manufactured homes that you can get from Amazon for less than $50,000. But now that you’ve waited all this time you’re probably wondering how much this one is. If you remember a while back I did a video about the five myths about manufactured homes and we met with Gary Millet. Well, he went ahead and let me show you this particular tiny home and it is $39,900, that’s with setup and air conditioning. So sometimes Amazon doesn’t have the best deals. My name is Kristina Smallhorn, Your Real Estate Whisperer, and I tell you all this because you matter.

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